Book Publishing

We seek unconventional solutions in publishing our client’s books.  We identify concerns, uncover ideas and work with our clients to build a successful publication, providing hands- on consultation.  We involve our client in the process, from the production of the book to the distribution and marketing strategy. 

Magazine, brochures, business packages

All aspects of publishing- sales, editorial design, ad design and printing- are given maximum attention so as to produce the best results on budget and in a timely manner.  With our commitment to quality and our streamlined publication process, we work with each client to achieve their print media goals.

Our approach to publishing is to keep our company small and our outside network relationships strong.  This assures us of the ability to produce a high quality product delivered on budget and on time.  In addition to our Core Communications personnel, we maintain close relationships with other professionals whose expertise in other areas is available to us. 


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